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Return policy




Note: Please contact customer service before returning the product, if the customer returns the product without reaching an agreement with the Company, the Company reserves the right to refuse to accept and not make a refund. Any costs incurred, such as logistics and damage to products, shall be borne by the Buyer.

Return-to-exchange policy:




Except for damage to the product, mis-sending of the wrong style or lack of parts due to the Company, the customer is solely responsible for the costs arising from the return of the product. Please note <產品損毀> only include non-replaceable parts such as the main body of the product (e.g. lamps only include light tubes, light bulbs, etc.) and do not include fire cows, remote control Replaceable accessories such as brackets, pistons and screws, and do not include lightweight product defects such as scratching, oil and offset watermarking. If the fire cow, remote control Damage to accessories such as brackets, pistons and screws will be provided separately.


We are not responsible for damage or loss caused by third-party transportation and delivery.

1 year technical support and parts maintenance

Within 1 year from the time the order is delivered to the destination, our order supports technical support and parts maintenance, in addition to the order.

Technical support includes the provision of instructions for use and troubleshooting and other inquiries, parts maintenance coverFire cow, remote control , brackets, pistons and screws and other accessories.

Note: Lamp products, light bulbs / light tubes and other parts of consumables, itself has a product life cycle, the Company can not guarantee the operating period of the product, so it is not included in the scope of parts maintenance, please note.

Return procedure

Customers are required to send us an email with a picture of the damaged product before returning or replacing it. Customers are required to contact us through the customer service within the first 7 days of receipt return period. After reviewing the situation, we will contact you for further solutions. All Nordeco products must be returned in their original packaging, which must be in good order and must not be stained in any way, otherwise they will not be returned or exchanged. Upon receipt of the return, we will check that the returned item is eligible for return.

Return shipping charges

Shipping costs for returns or exchanges will be borne by the customer. Nordeco will not be liable for lost returns, so we recommend that customers choose a logistics method with a tracking number when returning them.

The reason for the return

In addition to issues related to product quality and caused by errors by the Company, the Company will not treat problems caused by errors by customers, third-party companies, government agencies or other reasons (see Note 1) as a reasonable reason for returns and shall have the right to refuse such return requests. The Company will not be liable for losses caused by customers, third-party companies, government agencies or otherwise.

Refund program

Upon receipt of the returned product, we will refund the product in full (excluding shipping charges) and return it to the customer via the original payment method. The refund process is usually completed within 3-5 working days.

Order cancellation policy

In order to provide the best service to customers, customers who have placed an order can cancel the order at any time before payment. However, if the customer has paid, the order is in process, the item has entered the production process, or the item has been shipped, we will not be able to cancel the order due to the nature of the product we are selling (see Note 2).


a. With regard to issues a result of customer errors, this includes, but is not limited to, the following:

I. After ordering a product, the customer finds that he or she does not need the product;

II. The customer intends to give gifts, but after placeing the order, he discovers that the giftee does not like the product;

III. The customer left the wrong contact information, including telephone number, email address and delivery address, which prevented the Company from contacting the customer in a timely manner or sending the goods to the wrong address;

b. With regard to issues a result of errors by third parties, this includes, but is not limited to, the following:

I. Damage caused by third-party logistics companies or delivery personnel to the delivery of goods;

II. Logistics delays caused by weather conditions or certain force majeing factors by third-party logistics companies or delivery personnel prevent the receiving party from receiving the goods on a specified date or time;

III. Lost goods by third-party logistics companies or delivery personnel.

c. With regard to problems caused by other causes, this includes, but is not limited to, the following:

I. The receiving party cannot sign or refuse to sign the goods;

II. The sender did not appear at the delivery time or address specified by the guest;

III. The receiving party does not like the goods after receiving them;

IV. Guests do not use the coupon code (if any) at the time of place of order.

V. Material costs vary in response to supply conditions, resulting in commodity price adjustments.

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